Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Big "O" Gives Bart Stupak The "Big Finger" - No Executive Order

As shown at American Pundit, Present Obama signed HR 3200 into law. The President did NOT however sign the "Inter-Uterine Proclamation" promised to Rep. Bart Stupak.  The President has said he will sign said document, but has refused to set a specific date for doing so.

Hey Bart, how did that taste?  A little bitter was it? Get any on your shirt, did ya?

As I and others pointed out earlier, this was always a sham.  Even if Obama signs it, it will be revoked in some late night signing session, under cover of darkness from the MSM.  Stupak has shown his true self - an immoral leader looking only for an angle to improve his political lot in life.  Now, he has become another body under the Obama bus.

Two words for you Bart - Karma, Baby!

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