Saturday, March 20, 2010

Impeach Obama??!!!

Alan Caruba writes a compelling piece over at Warning Signs which I believe to be an important and timely read.  I strongly encourage you to take a moment and take it all in.

In all my years, and with all the study I have done in American History and Government (and it's a goodly amount) there has never been a President for whom a stronger case could be made for impeachment. I cannot say it will happen - yet.  But if in the near future votes go a certain way, and the anger of the American people is as advertised, I could see it happening next year - in a Republican-controlled Congress.

(Jeffrey T.) Kuhner, however, made a very strong case for impeaching Obama. He accused the president of “imposing a leftist revolution” with the de facto nationalization of “key sectors of American life—the big banks, financial institutions, the automakers, large tracts of energy-rich land from Montana to New Mexico” were cited as examples.

The ugliness concerning the healthcare “reform” legislation and the proposed Cap-and-Trade legislation was cited as Obama’s willingness “to devour his presidency, his party’s congressional majority and—most disturbing—our democratic institutional safeguards to enact” both pieces of legislation.

“He is a reckless ideologue who is willing to sacrifice the country’s stability in pursuit of a socialist utopia.”

That is, in fact, what both Stalin did in Russia and Mao did in China. Both inflicted death in the millions and economic ruin on both societies.


UPDATE:  See FoxNews poll stating 68% of  Americans would vote ALL incumbents out of office.  Nope, no anger there.

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