Monday, March 15, 2010

It's Happening - House Health Care Update

As of 4:52pm ET, via Phillip Klein at American Spectator.

As expected, the House Budget Committee just rubber stamped the “shell” health care bill with a 21 to 16 vote, sending it to the Rules committee, where all of the language will be stripped out and replaced with whatever deals Democrats have been negotiating behind closed doors. . . .
Two Democrats — Reps. Allen Boyd and Chet Edwards — voted against the bill and would have to be considered firm nos at this point.  

Good news and bad news I guess:
Good news: Two more "NO" votes on the albatross.  Keep those NO votes coming!
Bad news: The Budget Committee didn't kill it. 
But what's ya want for nothin'?   A Ruubbbeerr Bissccuuiitt?  Bow Bow Dodado Bowww...

PS:  I can't resist, so here's your Monday edition the Blues Brothers.  RIP Jake...

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