Saturday, March 27, 2010


Mike Malloy is a liberal blowhard.  This everyone (except himself) is aware.  Now he is accusing Conservatives of "spurring" another OKC/Murrah Federal Building-style bombing.  In fact, blaming Murrah on Conservatives as well.  Then calling for the deaths of Glen Beck, Bill O'Reilly and Rush Limbaugh. So much for the Progressive's "Big Tent"

Hey Mike, do us all a favor and take your own advice. Please.

Neither I nor any other right-thinking Conservative thinks you are worth killing, and frankly, no one I know believes in the venom you spew. We are, as a group, honorable citizens who are rightly and properly angry at what the government has done to us. We have a God-given and Constitutionally-assured right to voice our opposition. We choose to exercise it - vigorously - and despite your lies and hate we do so peacefully.

And Mike, man up and live with the opposing voice - you spoiled child. However, on the off chance you are willing to take measures on your own accord to save us from hearing your pithy little voice again, be my guest.

Here's the YouTube of Mike Malloys rant for your listening (dis)pleasure.  Make sure it's known by all who is inciting what.

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