Thursday, March 18, 2010


No ladies and gentlemen, it's not monster trucks, ans it's not Supercross!  It is looking however to be the event of a lifetime.  With a preliminary CBO score in place, Pelosi is gazing toward this Sunday to be either her Camelot or her Waterloo.  Read the story here, via Yahoo and AP State-Controlled Media.

Ms. Bagg and I were thinking back the other night about what we considered seminal events in our lifetime.  For me the list was not terribly long.  Kennedy's assassination (don't remember it as much as the influence on my parents), Apollos 1, 11 and 13.  Several military events which I don't discuss much. The birth of my son. The Challenger explosion playing on AFN Germany TV during my birthday party. Meeting Presidents Reagan and Bush Sr.  9/11.  All things which have profoundly impacted me in one way or another.

I fear this Sunday will fall into that category.  I'm trying not to over-sensationalize the impact of this vote. I might tell myself it's meaningless, or it will never come to fruition, or pronounce similar deflections ad nauseum.  But the real truth is far more sobering.  The potential for a fundamental shift in the rotation of this country not seen in more than half a century.  A defining moment which has the ability to level an already fragile economy.  The potential for creation of a civil fissure approaching 1860s standards.

Yes, this is real stuff.  I will be there.  God help us, no matter the outcome.

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