Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Today's Quiz - RINO or LIB?

If I were to give you the following quotes, what side of the aisle would you attribute them to?:

a. Regarding Health Care: "I predict the(y) will probably pass health care;
b. Regarding illegal immigration: "this is a nation of immigrants” and, “if you love America, love freedom and if you will work and pay taxes, you should be welcome in the country."

Well, if you guessed RINO, you are correct.  Ladies and Gentlemen, met Dick Armey.

What really makes this stink to high heaven is that Armey is head of FreedomWorks - a grass-roots conservative group which many of us support in both words and donations.  And while Armey may technically be correct - Dems MAY be able to pass this bill - as the leader of one of the groups out to defeat he has no business spouting this to the press!  For chrissakes, isn't that undermining what you're doing?

Dick is also unrepentant in bashing the Tea Party Moment (of which FreedomWorks is a big part of) in such memorable quotes as : "When you have a big tent like this," he reasoned, "you have some kooky birds."  Just what we need - more RINOs in the "Big Tent".

Dick:  You do not get my personal information, nor my good words nor a cent of my money when you undercut the work that million of others are doing to prevent this catastrophic bill from passing.

And I am not alone - Conservatives from Michelle Malkin, Mark Steyn, Rush, and many others who have serious issues with the seemingly bi-polar Armey.  While not a luminary (more like a firefly with a seriously dysfunctional taillight), I fully agree with them.  He should be leading the charge, not pandering in retreat.  And in his current form, he damn sure doesn't represent me!

I've been hinting that several blogs with FreedomWorks ads should take them down in protest, if only for a short time.  For many, these ads are needed revenue so I would fault them for refusal. We should however never let those who suppose to lead us forget who works for whom.  Republicans of all people should have gotten that memo by now.

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