Saturday, March 20, 2010

Wetting His Pants Over Health Care - Daily Kos

"Pee You Pants" humor - with a double shot of sober relevence -  via Hillbuzz.  Click, and enjoy!

  Essentially, the pants-wetting is because back when he was in Congress, Rahm Emanuel invented the strategy of “Motions to Recommit”, which he engaged in both clothed and nude, depending on his mood, and whether he wanted to do this in the Congressional showers at the time or in actual Congress itself.  
  Daily Kos is in meltdown because they realize Republicans have a perfect storm of an opportunity to use the same tactic to force every Democrat in office to go on record voting against the will of their constituents, doing exactly the opposite of what senior citizens (the most dependable voters out there) want them to do.
  They also realize that abortion is the key to destroying the Healthcare Rationing bill.
  It’s going to be impossible for Democrats to hide the fact that the current president wants federal tax money to pay for abortions.
  A great many Americans have a problem with the idea that the money the IRS collects from them will be used to pay for the abortion of babies coast to coast. That is exactly what is going to happen if Democrats pass the Healthcare Rationing bill. Elderly people and innocent babies will be killed by the federal government, using YOUR tax dollars to do it. Euthanasia, eugenics, you name it. That’s what the current president and his Leftist goons are all about.

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