Friday, April 9, 2010

Barack Obama is my favorite president

"Dear Lord this year you have taken away my favorite actor, Patrick Swayze, my favorite actress, Farrah Fawcett, my favorite singer, Michael Jackson, and my favorite salesman, Billy Mays. I just wanted to let you know that Chris Christie is my favorite governor."

Ha ha! Very funny when leftist teachers say it about Chris Christie. Hate speech if John Doe were to say it about Obama. Yawn. Nothing to see. Move along.


  1. Hey Hard Right and Lipton, you're the Featured Blog at my site this week- I took the liberty of making a clickable button in your theme, it's on the top of the right-column.

    You will also be linked in my blog summary post later today. Enjoy your weekend- and keep up the good work.

    Your Ally,
    James aka Reaganite Republican

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  3. Thank you James. On behalf of John, we thank you for your kind comments.