Monday, April 12, 2010

Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas

As my "partner in crime" John Doe recently noted, I had to make an unplanned exit from Casa de Lipton last Friday with Ms. T. Bagg to meet some relatives who had just arrived from the U.K.  The family members who were supposed to watch over them became suddenly unavailable and we were pressed into service.

We spent most of three days traveling in western states, including this families first trip to the Grand Canyon - officially 200 miles past Bumf*ck, AZ.  But all in all, a fine weekend.

I have some interesting tidbits to bring you from downtown Las Vegas.  I have promsied to present these comments without mention of their origination, or any identifiable information.  So consider them rumor, although some of this I can substantiate with photographs (which I will do ASAP).

   *  Union "thugs" in Las Vegas (L.V. Dealers Union 721 and Culinary Union 226) may be strongly warning workers that cars with bumper stickers and mounted political commentary against Harry Ried, Obama or health care are "in danger of having (said commentary) removed from the vehicle at any time.  Additionally, workers who wear anything identifiable as protest against the same issues could be immediately removed from their work areas and possibly face cuts in hours.

   *  I have photographs of cars at a couple "unionized" casinos which had anti-Obama "How's That Hope And Change..." stickers scraped from their cars while they were working.  I was told this is also happening at casinos which are currently being targeted for union votes.

   *  Two different dealers at different locations (Tropicana, Stratosphere) said they have been pressured and ostrecized because they are known Tea Party participants.  One stated she lost three days of work inexplicably after participating in the recent Searchlight, NV. Tea Party event.

Folks, do not be fooled - Liberals will not go quietly into the night.  There are still dirty tricks afoot, and the usual suspects will be rolling out their full bag of tricks.  Be wary, be vigilent.  But most of all, stay true to your Conservative principals.  It's working now, and it can work even more effectively in the days, months and years (Lord willing) to come.


  1. PLEASE tell me you took pictures. I wanna see pictures.

  2. I agree that dirty tricks are afoot and they are directed to the November elections. We tend to think "organizers" cannot bring out the vote for a midterm, but I feel there are major efforts already underway.

    I am guessing that Stern is already very involved with the newly-named ACORN. Stern has quite a background with ACORN, and Obama desperately needs them in November. Found you at Reaganite Republican:-)

  3. Actually Maggie, I am betting on a slightly different scenario.

    Andy Stern is as narcissistic as POTUS, and just as power hungry. I am betting this has rubbed the heads of state at AFL-CIO the wrong way, and they are bent on marginalizing him. However, because of his unprecedented accesses to POTUS and the W.H. Gestapo, he will be offered a judgeship somewhere as a "lovely parting gift".

    There has been some speculation swirling about Stern being offered a position on SCOTUS. I cannot see that happening - I am not sure the W.H. is foolish enough to lose what little political collateral it has left on that battle.

    But then again.....

  4. I do have photos, and will post em later today.