Thursday, April 8, 2010

Greg Giusti, Pelosi's Newest BFF, "Radicalized" By FoxNews! Mommy Says So!

After reading the article below, is there anyone who doesn't suspect mental health issues running in this family?

Thursday, April 08 2010
(San Francisco, CA) -- The mother of the San Francisco Bay Area man accused of threatening House Speaker Nancy Pelosi blames Fox News for radicalizing her son.
KGO television is reporting 83-year-old Eleanor Giusti believes her son, 48-year-old Greg Giusti, gained radical ideas from watching Fox News which she believes motivated his alleged threats against Speaker Pelosi after Congress approved healthcare reform legislation.
Giusti was arrested Wednesday and is expected to appear in federal court in San Francisco today. 
It's also reported Giusti has a history of mental illness and harassment.
Yeah, like welfare fraud, theft, criminal threats and violence against Baptists!  But I can see his point, cuz you know, Greta does that to me all the time.  (No, not really...).

The guy has a long history of being a nut.  Mommy's comments just show where he got the weirdness from.  The "Nut" didn't fall far from Mommy's "Tree" - in this case.

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