Monday, April 26, 2010

Lettuce Rule 5 (?) Post

Everyone who is anyone reads Little Miss Attila's blog.  That's just a given.

What?  You say you don't?  Then you better get your butt over there - like now!!!

Anyhow, there were recent posts on Attla's poor lettuce plants - some of which were harmed terribly by pests.  Yours truly did, along with many well-wishers, offer their home remedies and suggestions to help her save her crop.  To this day I do not know how things came out, but we shall remeber the lost with every salad...

So just to show I know of whence I spoke when offering my two cents, I offer for consideration the results of my lettuce crop.  We have done very well this year, almost no pests to speak of and delicious!

Yeah, I  know it's not hot girls in scant clothing, but there's more to life than sexy women (or so I've been told...)

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