Tuesday, April 20, 2010

McCain will NOT support an independent Crist...

You know how opinionated I am. I'm a freaking self-proclaimed know-it-all. But I'm as confused as Gramps after his third bottle of MD20-20 when it comes to this issue: Is McCain doing the right thing?

McCain was asked if he would support Crist if he will support Crist as an Independent, McCain told The Hill, "No."

I was all set to glom all over McCain's response as evidence that he isn't totally brain dead, but then I got to thinking...

I remember when Lieberman ran as an independent. I applauded him beating that liberal p.o.s. that he ran against. Here I am, I call myself an independent. I only support the Republicans when they are right. [Sure, they are right most of the time, or to be more accurate, they are somewhat less full of shit than the Democrats most of the time.]

But is McCain just being a mindless partisan? If the shoe were on the other foot, if polls showed Rubio was going to win if he ran as an independent, I'd support him. Oh, yeah, that already happened in New York, and I supported the conservative independent. See "Doug Hoffman is a closeted gay who gets off on torturing puppies."

Oh, thank you 8 lb. 12 oz. Baby Jesus for letting me figure out the truth! I have found my answer. McCain is just another mindless partisan. I thought for a moment that he was being prudent, but no, he is just the political hack that I always thought him to be. That is all. Resume mindless surfing the internet looking for porn, while hiding it from your significant other...

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