Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Study Claims Spanking Does Not Work

Time Magazine: “Compared with children who were not hit, those who were spanked were more likely to be defiant, demand immediate satisfaction of their wants and needs, get frustrated easily, have temper tantrums and lash out physically against others.”

I’m dying to see how the liberals’ methodology. Until then, I’m just going to have to call bull sh!t. I know it works. It worked on me. It worked on my kids. This is how liberals operate. Make complete bull shit claims. Go out and make up some bull shit "study" to back up their bull shit claims. And dumb asses believe them. Pardon me for not believing them.


  1. That's the whole problem with these libs- their daddy didn't raise them right, lol

  2. I remember doing my own little mini-study many times:

    Dad: If you do (insert infraction here), I will spank you.

    Kid: Non Dad, I won't do it again.

    And so it was. Test complete.

  3. The board of education applied to the seat of learning.