Monday, April 19, 2010

NJ Teachers Union Using The Students Like Drug Mules - Gov. Christie

Gawd, I am loving this guy more and more!  I professed my man-love for Gov. Christie a few days ago in an article where we spoke of him as having Reagan-esque qualities.  Now he backs that observation up, and comes out in a local NJ paper with both guns blazing, ripping  the New Jersey Education Association a "new one" over yet another politically-based "mandatory homework assignment"!  This guy really gets it, and I know the "Corzine Crew" is blowing gaskets over him.

Courtesy of, see the entire article here:

Christie cited what he called a "mandatory" homework assignment instructing children in the Monroe Township School District to interview their parents about whether and why they would vote on Tuesday. 

"These are the typical kind of scare tactics that they involve themselves in,” Christie said about the 200,000-member New Jersey Education Association, which has been critical of his proposed $820 million cut in school aid. “Scaring students in the classroom, scaring parents with the notes home in the bookbags, and the mandatory ‘Project Democracy Homework’ asking your parents about what they’re going to do in the school board election, and reporting back to your teachers union representatives, using the students like drug mules to carry information back to the classroom, is reprehensible.”

Damn, he gives me Goosebumps.  

But the real question is: Why is it so damn hard for more Conservatives to take the issues "by the horns"?  Why do we fear the Left and it’s lapdog MSM labeling us as offensive?  Why do the sensibilities of people whose ideas we clearly do not embrace matter more than are own self-image as proud Conservatives?  Why do we so fear being label as "mean-spirited" or full of "vitriol"? Why do we cower at senseless charges of  treason?  Sedition?  Hate-mongering?  Not paying taxes???

Guess what folks, the Left is already saying it.  And they are not stopping any time soon.  It’s white noise meant to distract us from the prize we seek – A better America.

But Conservatives have something at their disposal these people cannot claim:   Conservative ideology works.

Memo to Conservatives:  See Gov. Christie's example and embrace it.   Now.  Today.  Two hours ago.  

We the people are yearning for strong, stable leadership from our Conservative leaders.  And we don't particularly mind if you offend a few liberals along the way.  But we are sick and tired of waiting until we are attacked (and typically lied about - I'm talking to you Ben Smith, et al.) to stand up and defend our principals.

More and more, I see Christie as the strong, sure-footed Conservative leader we should be embracing today, in November and in 2012.  Now we need another 100 or more like him...

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