Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Obama = "Electile Dysfunction"!

What a freakin' hoot!  And it comes from a "seasoned citizen" no less!  TRIPLE WORD SCORE!

The article is courtesy of Dan Riehl, and can be seen in its entirety here...

Rep. Wasserman Schultz didn't much care for the reception she received at a townhall on ObamaCare and the economy. I found her answer on the mandate question especially annoying. About 7 minutes into this video going around she was asked what gave Congress the authority to mandate health insurance for everyone.

She said there is no such mandate, ... you just suddenly find your way into a different tax bracket if you don't buy it. That seems like a pretty clear admission of the progressive Democrat's willingness to use the tax code to compel whatever individual behavior they would like. Given that precedent, it seems to me they can then use it to all but force Americans to do whatever Congress decides. How do you like that new GM car you just bought to avoid a higher tax bracket, America? Please. What a transparent ploy to try and end run the mandate question. 
Jonathan Deeb, of Fort Lauderdale, an opponent of the new health care law, held a bright yellow "don't tread on me" flag popular among people in the tea party movement.
"I'm flying this flag because I want them to know American individualism is alive and well," he said. "The state is not in control of everyone's lives and decisions."
Helene Licursi, of Pompano Beach, was holding an "electile dysfunction" sign. The other side said "Seniors! Speak up now or shut up and die!"
Well Jonathan, here's your request!  "Don't Tread On Me", by Damn Yankees!

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