Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday Quick Hits - Weekend Linky Lovin'!

I hope everyone is having a terrific Saturday thus far.  I highly recommend getting away from the computer and doing something with someone special in you life.  But if you MUST blog, we thank you for stopping here.  And don't forget stopping over to see John Doe at Smash Mouth Politics!

Hit 1:  Guliani backs Rubio in FL. race.  This is simple: Ol' Charlie bitch-slapped Rudy in 2008, and Rudy never forgot it.  In review, Guliani put made effort into winning FL during the 2008 Presidential primary, and gave glowing endorsements of Crist - only to have Crist snub him and endorse McCain.

Hit 2:  Larry Elder is a wonderful Conservative columnist who has written a piece on the Dems efforts to shut down opposing viewpoints via-a-vis ObamaScare.  Excellent read, worth your time. Funny how the Dems are more like, say, Canada, in thoughts of free speech than Americans.  I wonder if we can trade them all to Canada in a package deal for the Molson group??  Just a thought...

Differences of opinion and ideology, passionately held, drive the opposition to Obamacare. 
Yet to shut down the effort to overturn Obamacare's unpopular assault on freedom and prosperity, the left resorts to a frequently employed tactic. They and their media co-conspirators find whack jobs holding stupid signs – or saying or doing stupid things – and say, "See! Right-wing intolerance, hatred and racism fuel this movement."

Hit #3:  This is an article near and dear to my heart - I ask each of you to remind any veteran you know to check in with their local VA.  In today's climate, you never know when you might need their services.  Via

Only a fraction of wounded veterans who could get better benefits have applied in the two years since Congress, acting on concerns the military was cutting costs by downplaying injuries, ordered the Pentagon to review disputed claims.
As of mid-March, only 921 vets have applied out of the 77,000 the Pentagon estimates are eligible, according to numbers provided to The Associated Press by the Physical Disability Board of Review. The panel was created in 2008 but started taking cases in January 2009.
And folks,, here is why this subject touches me so.  This teddy sleeps on Ms. T. Bagg's side of the bed.  

Yes that is a real Purple Heart (one of two I have been awarded).  No, it didn't come from eBay.  So I know first hand a bit about Veteran's health issues.  And please, seek out a Veteran today and thank him/her for their service.

Hit 4:  Proof that racist psycho-babble doesn't always come from people of color:  Via, let me introduce you to Rep. Steven Cohen - D TN.  Below, find his rant in which he compares the Tea Party to "(Klansman) without robes and hoods"; "opposition to African-Americans, hostility toward gays, hostility to anyone who wasn't just, you know, a clone of George Wallace's fan club"...

Where do these f*ckheads come from?  Who scripts this s*it for them?  

Further proof of who is really dealing the hatred in America today - and it's not Conservatives.

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