Wednesday, April 28, 2010

This is Where "O" Is Taking America

Liberalism builds on its base on Anarchy, Entitlement and Hedonism. The laws of “Liberalland” are crafted to maximize “feel good”, and “look good” and "sound good". It requires feeding from the nipple of governmental entitlement until one's bite is sufficient to accept feeding from the Socialist silver spoon. And your life expectancy is only as good as the abortion clinic, federally mandated health system and Geriatric "Death Panel" allows. Other than that, things are peachy - because they said so.

Those who embrace viewpoints based upon facts, laws, or faith need not apply; they have no bearing in the land of Liberalism. Exceptionalism, patriotism and individual initiative are verboden, as is any hint of capitalistic propensity. You must do as they say, when they say it. And don’t worry, they will tell you what you want, need or should desire. Then they will supply you according to their edicts. And don't worry, if by chance you should exceed expectations, they will be right there to relieve you of the fruits of your labor.

So, who’s on board with that? A permanently disabled, dis-empowered and disemboweled underclass? It's coming soon at DNC or ACORN offices near you. Also available online at, or, conveniently, at

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to watch Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” so I can watch Mr. “O” commanding his goose-stepping “hammers on parade”.

“…we don’t need no thought control…”

A Peek Inside The "O"val Orifice....


  1. Well stated. I especially like your opening line. And some Floyd is always a good thing!

  2. Floyd is always a good thing, especially live at Death Valley in Clemson, SC.

    Nice post LTB. The only way liberalism works is when they can break down and change our morality. Pretty soon, we here in America are going to be like the people in China and the old USSR who had to sneak to worship God and hide our outrage at the way our government treats people of faith.