Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tim Tebow: Exposing the haters?

The vitriol directed at Denver for picking Tim Tebow in the first round is incredible! Something else is going on other than just a simple disagreement over his talent level. I think it is evidence of underlying dislike hatred of his Christian values and his goody-two shoes image. This is personal with some of the people out there. They don’t want Tebow to succeed. In fact, they want him to fail.

Two articles were quickly sent out bashing the pick. “Bronco’s McDaniels can kiss his job goodbye with the Tebow pick.” The author calls him “Saint Timmy” and opines that he isn’t any good but at least he can “save the locker room.” “Crying after losses? Yeah right!” [As if other football players have never cried after a huge loss.] Tell me that isn’t ire directed at Tebow because he is “religious.”

Another article exposes the author’s bias in the title: “Broncos will regret falling for Tebow’s good guy reputation.” Think I’m imagining religious bias?

“The league is laughing at Denver right now. Other teams are guffawing and mocking them and making Broncos jokes. The countdown until Josh McDaniels gets his ass canned has officially started. Denver wasted a valuable first-round pick on a player who will do nothing for years unless they move Tebow to fullback or make him a missionary and have him snip foreskins.”
What other player receives that kind of hateful press two days after he was drafted? It’s not as though Tebow isn’t accomplished. He won the National Championship. He won the Heisman. He had incredible stats. But these asshole sports writers and pro scouts don’t think Tebow can play at the next level. As if they are so smart. Denver’s coach helped Tom Brady develope as a 6th round draft choice. Nice catch there all you genius scouts, letting Brady slip so low.
One person commented after the first article and said it better than I ever could:

“In the 2001 NFL Draft, Michael Vick was drafted #1. Drew Brees wasn’t even picked in the first round. How could anybody pick Vick over Brees? Must have been character. In the 2002 Draft, David Carr was picked #1, Joey Harrington #3, and Patrick Ramsey #32, all first round picks. How did those genius picks work out? In the 2003 Draft, Kyle Boller and Rex Grossman were both first round picks. How are those working out? in the 2005 Draft Alex Smith was picked #1. Another great choice. In the 2006 Draft Vince Young was picked #3. Was that a smart pick? Even funnier was Reggie Bush at #2. That doesn’t look too good in retrospect either. In the 2007 Draft JaMarcus Russell was picked #1. Was that a disaster? The funny thing about all of these picks, is that none of these guys were trashed and ridiculed like Tebow, yet all failed miserably. Did anyone suggest that these stiffs couldn’t play in the NFL? Did everybody question their mechanics? Yet the world is turned upside down because Tim Tebow was picked #25. Why is that? Tim Tebow had better numbers and accomplishments than any of the above mentioned guys, but we’re told he can’t play, and doesn’t deserve to be picked in the first round. Does anybody else find that just a bit strange? If Tim Tebow falls flat on his face it certainly won’t be the first time a high QB pick didn’t pan out. The worst part is that most of the others were selected higher than Tebow, yet the teams that picked those guys weren’t chastised. Get over it already.

[For those who do not know football, all of the picks mentioned were failures, except there is still hope for Vince Young, Alex Smith and Reggie Bush to eventually justify their lofty draft positions. ]

Am I just imagining that people out there hate Tebow just because he actually takes his Christianity seriously? I don’t like Denver, or their coach. But now I want Tebow to work his ass off and prove all the haters wrong. One thing about the NFL, if you can produce on the field they will put up with a lot of preaching off the field. Remember the (late) Rev. Reggie White?

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