Monday, April 19, 2010

Update: Los Angeles "O"gasm, Fundraising, and Socialism.

Mr. Obama spent about 2 1/2 hours at the California Science Center here in Los Angeles.  He was greeted by cheers and jeers:  SEIU has their usual minions out and about, as did ANSWERLA, Code Pink, Single Payer Now and a couple others from the lunatic fringe. For some reason, Conservative presence was muted (insert sarcasm here).

Mr. Obama is here to fund raise for Madam Barbara Boxer - packing her impressive 38% approval rating in possibly the most socialist state of the union.  We can but wish for "hope and change" by wishing Boxer the same "Obama Curse" experienced on the East Coast.

Mr. Obama has now moved over to the Los Angeles Museum of Natural History for the $17.5k/person lovefest.  That officially makes tonight a multiple "O"gasm in LaLa Land. 

If anyone is interested in the kind of audience which is louding cheering Obama as he moves from venue to venue, check this out.  Scary stuff....


  1. Our President, the one we as taxpayers, pay to run the country is flying off to California to campaign for uberliberal Barbara Boxer. WTF!! We are not paying our hard earned tax dollars for the Commander in Chief to fly to another state every week to campaign for people he wants to keep in power. He can campaign on his own time such as his paid vacations and foot the bill himself. I’m pretty sure the majority of taxpayers are sick and tired of seeing these high powered political figures using OUR money to fly all over the country to endorse their friends for political office. Just my opinion such as it is.


  2. MrG:

    I couldn't agree more. Glad to have you drop by, please do so often.


  3. Tried to post using my blog profile but kept getting an error page, so had to post anonymously, he he.