Monday, April 12, 2010

We Get Some Love From Reaganite Republican!

James over at Reganite Republican generously chose us as his featured blog of the week!  We are sooo stoked!

Make sure to go over to Reganite Republican and show your appreciation!  I damn sure did!

On behalf of John Doe and I, Viewed from The Right thanks James for his recognition. We are just a couple old guys who love our country, and guard her health and welfare jealously. Too bad so many of our elected officials these days won't do the same.

Meeting John has really energized me, and prompted me to step up my game in the Blogosphere.  I hope this also had the desirable effect of bringing you more and better quality news, relevent commentary and the occassional comedy and beautiful woman. 

Thanks to you kind people for sharing a few moments of your day with us!  You guys and girls ROCK!


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  1. Reaganite Republican is the "real deal" (and so are you!)