Tuesday, May 4, 2010

99 Dem House Seats At Risk - 99 Ways To Die

h/t Ed at Hot Air:
People have begun to wonder exactly how many House seats the Republicans can flip in November. The GOP needs to win 40 to regain the majority, which would be a significant shift but not exactly historic. After the passage of the deeply unpopular ObamaCare, polling for House Democrats has tanked, and some estimate that the number could be 70 or higher. Jim Geraghty of National Review’s Campaign Spot looks at the 435 contests in the upcoming midterms and  finds 99 potential wins for the GOP, which would make this one of the most significant midterms in decades.
Ed goes on to say that if the GOP should take all 99 races, we should celebrate by releasing 99 red balloons, then tangents to the 80s German Pop hit ""99 Luftballoons".  I suggest an alternate musical reference, by none other than Megadeath.  And thanks be to Warner Bros. for the best animated characterization of a Fiberal ever brought to the screen:  Wile E. Coyote - Super Genius.

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