Monday, May 24, 2010

Another Reason Why California Dems Have To Go.

Jeez, these idiots in Sacramento don't know anything but tax the fugg out of the population.  Not sure if they'll get this one through, but if passed should seal the fate of Boxer and other Liberals here in CA.  I for one hope Arnie takes a stand on this and does everything to prevent it.

Of course one reason the state has low revenue is because they've taxed and regulated businesses out of California - for most anywhere but here.  I guess they didn't get that memo...

Is it November yet????

(Reuters) - Democratic lawmakers in California unveiled a plan on Monday for nearly $5 billion of tax and fee increases to help fill the state government's $19.1 billion budget gap.
The plan by state Senate Democrats would raise $4.9 billion by raising California's vehicle registration fee, suspending corporate tax breaks scheduled to begin next year and boosting the state's tax on alcoholic beverages.
Democrats control both chambers of the state's legislature and have said they would seek new revenue to help plug the shortfall.
Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, by contrast, has ruled out tax increases and is relying largely on deep spending cuts in his plan for balancing the state's books. He has called for $12.4 billion of cuts and would scrap the state's welfare system, a plan Democrats have rejected.
Republicans in the legislature's minority immediately criticized the proposed tax increases, signaling they will use their votes to block them. Democrats lack the votes to pass tax measures on their own.
Analysts expect budget negotiations between Schwarzenegger and lawmakers will drag on and press into the state's next fiscal year, which begins in July.
California's leaders are facing another year of weak revenue as a result of the recession and the downturns in financial and real estate markets.

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  1. The few CA businesses left are gasping for breath, and Dems want to strangle them. Thanks for the jobs. NOT.