Monday, May 17, 2010

Arizona Resident Fight Back! Cancel San Diego, CA. Trips!

Good for them.  The dumb-azz Fiberals here in California have been falling over themselves to vilify the good work Arizona has done with SB 1070.  Now (via Fox News) Arizona residents are fighting back by refusing to take their hard-earned dollars to San Diego - a city which has threatened to "boycott" Arizona.

And having the fools in the "Blight House" apologizing for them is downright asinine.  (Thanks, Left Coast Rebel!)

Several sites, including our friends over at The Reaganite Republican are helping gather signatures for the SECURE THE BORDER petition.  We strongly encourage you to take a minute to sign as well.

Arizona tourists are biting back against San Diego for its city council's decision to boycott the Grand Canyon State over its immigration law signed by Gov. Jan Brewer last month.
Would-be tourists have notified the San Diego Convention and Visitors Bureau and some hotels that they are canceling their scheduled travel to the coastal vacation destination, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune.
According to the newspaper, the convention bureau has received about 25-30 emails from Arizona residents, with some saying they are canceling their reservations and taking their money elsewhere.
That has tourism officials urging Arizonans to consider the resolutions as merely symbolic and local politics at work.
"We're in a very tough environment already because of everything else going on, and we don't need another negative impact to our industry," ConVis President Joe Terzi told the Union-Tribune. "This affects all the hardworking men and women who count on tourism for their livelihoods, so we’re saying, don't do something that hurts their livelihoods."
"I've been approached by a number of hotels who are very concerned because they’ve received cancelations from Arizona guests," Namara Mercer, executive director of the county Hotel-Motel Association, told the newspaper.

Concerned you say Namara?  The livelihood of your workers Mr. Terzi? Would those be the same workers your organizations have granted PAID TIME OFF to for attending demonstrations against SB 1070?

It is?  If that be the case, why do you believe the people of Arizona GIVE A RATS ASS about their livelihood?  You don't appear interested in theirs.  Mindless Fiberals at work...

Ms. T. Bagg and I have taken a similar stand.  We have cancelled trips to both San Diego and San Francisco of late. We believe Los Angeles is actually a suburb of Hell, so avoiding it is easy.  And, unless no other option remains, we will continue to deny our dollars to idiots in any city which decries the State of Arizona over SB1070.

We encourage you to do the same - BOYCOTT ALL MUNICIPALITIES BOYCOTTING AZ.


  1. I am ashamed to be a San Diegan.....thanks for the link!

  2. Me too. The only good thing is, I don't live there any more.

    Mr. G

  3. Lipton T...As you seem to have the ear of several bloggers, please let these people know Austin, TX is taking the same posture regarding the AZ law. I am a Texan and I am sickened by these steps as taken by the Mayor Pro-temp and I have told him so. So, for any persons looking to come to Austin for vacation or other reasons, please let your voices be heard also and move your plans to lovely San Antonio instead. Thanks and God bless and watch over us all.