Thursday, May 20, 2010

UPDATE: Everybody Draw Mohammed Day! The Winning Drawing!

I tried, but I just can't stand on the sidelines and watch everyone else have fun on this auspicious day.

Dear Mr. and Ms. Islam:

Individually, every Muslims I have ever known will decry Islamic Fundamentalism; yet as a body you and your religious leaders fail to offer little but lip service to controlling it, or minimally denouncing with with fervor. The motherlands of Islam speak of tolerance with their mouths, yet fund radical Islam with outstretched hand - hidden behind their backs.

You demand respect for your way of life, while threatening to extinguish mine. And all the while holding me in contempt for being suspicious and watchful of you.

You have allowed the radical among you label, define and taint Islam.  And you have only yourselves to blame.

Today, intolerance and hateful (threatening) rhetoric by Islam toward the Judeo-Christian world only frames Islam as a provocateur of hate, not a purveyor of brotherhood. If Islam wants understanding and respect, it must also practice it.  You will not get it with a bullhorn or a suicide bomb.

Just one man's opinions - YMMV

UPDATE: has announced its winning drawing, and the explanation behind the decision.  Actually, considering the real reason for this viral activity, not a bad choice.

 ...each of the images forces the viewer to actively participate not simply in the creation of meaning but of actually constructing the image itself. This is clearest in our grand prize winner, the image below, which pushes iman and infidel alike to do the work that would condemn them to death under the most extreme reading of injunctions against representing Mohammed.
There is a deeper lesson here: Connect the dots and discover that we all must be Spartacus on Everybody Draw Mohammad Day. And that in a free society, every day is Everybody Draw Mohammed Day.

The Winning drawing is.......



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