Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Some things you hear or read simply make your heart break out in joyous melodies.  Such is this piece. (Emphasis mine)

If President Obama represents change you can believe in, Democrats on the campaign trail may want him to keep the change after considering his record as endorser in chief.
Just ask Jon Corzine, Creigh Deeds, or Martha Coakley – Democrats whose bids for office or re-election failed despite the president's endorsements and campaign appearances.
Just ask Arlen Specter, a five-term U.S. senator who switched from Republican to Democrat last year in hopes of keeping his Pennsylvania seat. On Tuesday, he became the fourth Democrat in seven months to lose a high-profile race despite Obama's endorsement and active involvement, raising doubts about the president's ability to help fellow Democrats in November.
"I don't know that he's the kiss of death. But at best, he's sort of like a kiss from your sister," said conservative columnist Jonah Goldberg, a Fox News contributor. "It's really all not that much fun and it invites awkward questions."
"Obama is the establishment right now … and the establishment is deaf, and being embraced by Barack Obama certainly hasn't helped any of these Democrats," Goldberg added. "And we know when he hugs you, as in the case of Charlie Crist, it is the hug of death."

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