Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Barry Obama's family--Movin' on up!

I’m probably a closet liberal who will catch hell for this, but I’m glad. Heck, if she was my aunt and I was president it would havee been done long ago and she’d be living in the White House if she so desired. I take care of family. I actually couldn’t believe Obama didn’t have the balls to do it himself. Pardon her, do what you have to do man. What good is being the most powerful man in the world if you ain’t gonna use it?

I’m pretty sure GatewayPundit disagrees with me on this issue, judging by the title of his post: “Obama’s Deadbeat Welfare Auntie Onyango From Kenya Is Granted Asylum in US.” I don’t disagree that she is a deadbeat welfare Auntie, but I believe the President should get some perks. The last thing he needs to worry about is his kin being deported. Deport her ass in 2012 after he fails to get re-elected.

You know the liberals would be screaming if a Republican president’s kin was granted asylum. Unfair! Major scandal! Puke. We are better than that. At least I am.
By the way, this picture from an old article in GatewayPundit convinces me that Frank Marshall Davis is not Barack Obama’s father, as some have claimed.

Barry Hussein’s half brother (photo from here), by another white woman I presume, the top picture, is a spitting image of our pretty boy president. Others have speculated that Barry O was the son of Frank W. Davis, pictured at bottom right. It made sense to me until I saw the photo of Barry's half brother. Two bros sporting such a retarded look have to be related by blood.

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