Sunday, May 2, 2010

Los Angeles May Day Rally - All Fizzle, No Sizzle

Greetings and Happy Sunday everyone.  Your erstwhile reporter here, taking a few seconds to offer you a birds-eye perspective of the May Day Rally and March in downtown LaLa Land yesterday.

Because a few seconds is all that's needed.  It was a yawner.

Yesterdays so-called "demonstration" was a whole lot of nothing.  A fund-raising walk without the fund-raising.  A shopping mob with a few signs.  There was no real angst here.  No bubbling cauldron of disgust, hated or fear.  Along with a few hand-painted signs, there were many more professionally prepared posters (some made to look like grassroots stuff) and a few Tea Party knock-offs but nothing to make note of.  The turnout was low - LAPD estimated 50,000 people but I can tell you it looked like far less - maybe 30,000 max. One arrest for vandalism - that was it (per LAPD).

To put this in perspective, the downtown LA shopping district (fashion district and general small markets) averages 140,000 shoppers or more on a typical Saturday and Sunday.  In other words, this was a whole lot of nothing.

These "astroturfed" get-togethers are losing steam.  And one reason is that within the assimilated Hispanic community, this issue is a loser.  Upon investigation you will find most Hispanics who immigrated the the U.S. in the proper fashion are proud of that journey - they worked hard, became part of this country.  I have watched these ceremonies at the Convention Center in Los Angeles - witnessing the tears of joy as these fine people raise their hand and swear allegiance to this country - which has become theirs.  These people don't want illegal immigration either.  Unscientifically, I would wager a higher percentage of that community is against amnesty than the Fiberal "gringo" bloc.

My friends:  Honest hard-working first-generation Hispanics know who is coming across our borders illegally.  And more often than not, it's people of the quality and character THEY don't want here either.  The "gringo" Fiberal crowd still has not gotten that memo. 

So let's all get together and celebrate the May Day marches with a collective YAWN. Once again, Race-baiting political activists failed to create an issue where one truly didn't exist.  And as of today, Arizona AB 1070 still stands as the right thing to do - for Arizona, and perhaps for other states as well.

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