Friday, May 21, 2010

More Arizona SB1070 - Island Getaway Edition

Arizona has again been accused of "human rights violations" by the head of the island paradise and bastion of freedom known as....

wait for it....

CUBA!!!!!!  That's right!  Cuba!  
The final frontier of freedom known as Cuba is referring to Arizona's SB1070 as a humans right violation!  


As reported by Hot Air, the Castro brothers have chimed in on Arizona SB 1070, calling it "a brutal violation of human rights", "racist and xenophobic".  Hot Air goes on to say (emphasis in first paragraph mine):
Several U.S. cities including Seattle, Los Angeles, San Diego and Austin, Texas, have passed resolutions against the law or urged outright boycotts, and President Barack Obama has denounced it as “a misdirected expression of frustration.”
But the denunciation of the law by Cuban lawmakers, who called it a “brutal violation of human rights,” is sure to raise anger among U.S. backers of the law.
The tightly controlled, communist-run island has long been criticized for its human rights record, which includes the jailing of 200 political prisoners, the banning of a free press and the outlawing of opposition political parties.
Cuban citizens are required to carry identification with them wherever they go, and can be stopped by police and sent home if they are found in a part of the island where they don’t belong.
"...Irony!  Calling Captain Irony!!!!!"

The final paragraph above means that Cuban prisoners residents are not just locked into the country, but sequestered to individual regions (by race? class? relationship to the dictators?); and should a person be found outside their approved region, they can/would be detained.  Sounds exactly like what they are doing in Arizona (not!).

Of course Gov. Jan Brewer of AZ (God Bless this woman!) continues to show love and affection for Mr. Obama's position of SB 1070 - and rightfully so. In related news, the ICE is gratefully offering their assistance to Arizona in the matter.

In past years, it has been a simple matter to dismiss such nonsense when uttered by third-world despots (or Liberals - the terms are somewhat interchangeable).  However, what Castro is saying today flies in parallel with, not in sharp contrast to, the blather from the Oval Orifice.  I can't help but picture the Evil Empire sitting in front of a monitor in Washington DC cheering the Cuban Parliament on as they pass this resolution.

Kind reader, it's a sad thing - what this man-child and his harlots are doing to this great nation.

Oh, one more thing.  Regarding my emphasis above (bears repeating):

President Barack Obama has denounced it as “a misdirected expression of frustration.”

Mr. Obama, Arizona's SB1070 is not "a misdirected expression of frustration"; however electing you to office surely was that - and a whole lot worse.


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  1. If Chairman BaO would adhere to his oath of office and perform his constitutional duty to secure our national borders, there would be no need to express frustration, misdirected or otherwise.

    Instead of worrying about SB1070, Chairman BaO should be worrying about being such an ID10T.