Thursday, May 20, 2010

UPDATED: New Jersey Dems Vote To Raise Taxes - Christie Vetoes!

UPDATE:  h/t Another Black Conservative, where it's reported it took only 2 minutes for Gov. Christie to veto this bill.  Even then, Gov. Christie's spokesman asked Stephen Sweeney "what took you so long?"

Damn, I've got mad man-love this guy. If Gov. Christie sustains this veto he will add even more to his resume.

Note the highlighted quote from NJ Senate President Stephen Sweeney. Typical Fiberal logic at work here, in essence saying: ".. let's punish those who worked for success to pay for the deadbeats who will vote Democrat, errrr, I mean need our help...!"  What a JackHole!

This is all a viscous circle: Instead of using the social "safety net" as a temporary mechanism, Dems continue to  voraciously offer the downtrodden and temporarily unfortunate the nipple of Socialism - and removing the incentive for self-sufficiency, self-respect and individual exceptionalism.  And in doing so, forming both a permanent underclass dependent upon Government "milk" - and oh BTW, a reliable Democratic voting bloc.

Thus, we again have the effects of the Progressive's "Pussification of America" Doctrine.


h/t Bloomberg:

Lawmakers in New Jersey’s Democrat- controlled Assembly voted to raise income taxes on residents earning at least $1 million a year, as Republican Governor Chris Christie said he’d veto the bill.
The chamber passed the measure 46-32 in a vote that broke down along party lines. Of 33 Republicans, 32 voted no. The Senate took up the bill after the vote and may set up the Legislature for a showdown with Christie, 47, as the deadline approaches to have a balanced budget in place when the fiscal year ends on June 30.
“We’ve got a lot of people who can’t afford to pay their taxes” and need the rebates that the measure may restore, Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver said before the vote. “Six- hundred thousand older adults would be better off.”
Democrats hold a 47-33 majority in the Assembly and a 23-17 edge in the Senate. While controlling both chambers, they lack the two-thirds majority needed to override a Christie veto without cooperation from Republican lawmakers...
“This is a defining moment -- it seems to me to be all about taxes, taxes and taxes,” Assembly Minority Leader Alex DeCroce, a Republican from Parsippany, said during more than an hour of floor debate before the vote. Referring to Democrats, he said, “that’s all you guys do.”
About 16,000 New Jersey tax filers have incomes of more than $1 million, legislators said during the Assembly debate. That’s less than 1 percent of the state’s 3.9 million total.
“I don’t have an issue with millionaires, I just have an issue with people not sharing in the sacrifice,” said Senate President Stephen Sweeney, a Democrat from West Deptford. “Those 16,000 people can help 600,000.”

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