Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Poll: 10% believe environmentalists caused oil leak

Ten percent of Americans polled believe environmentalists intentionally sabotaged the oil rig in order to cause the leak. Twenty-two percent are "unsure."

Of course, liberals will claim this is proof that Americans are wackos and those with such beliefs are conservatives with their heads buried in the sand who listen to conspiracy theories and believe anything that Rush Limbaugh says (he is the first person with a large audience to float the possibility).

I do not see this poll's findings as a negative, I view this as a positive. Is there any direct evidence that environmentalists sabotaged the rig? No. But we have plenty of evidence that they have sabotaged other things in the past. Only a fool would dismiss such an act out of hand, until we have all the evidence. I've seen enough now to convince me that it was operator error. Can't recall where I saw it, but those working on the rig did something that they normally don't do: they removed the mud before plugging the hole with cement. All that said, I'm glad that people are skeptical in general, and suspicious of environmentalist wackos in particular. The environmentalist wackos have earned our distrust over the years.

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