Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sex In The City - State Dinner For Mexico's "El Presidente"

Curious that Matt Drudge chose to use the headline "Sex In The City" with a picture of a dolled-up Mrs. Obama (who BTW, is channeling her inner Whitney Houston).  Curious indeed, inasmuch as it's actually her hubby whose f*cking everyone.  I'm just saying....

Elsewhere, The Left Coast Rebel has overcome a broadband outage (likely caused by pathetic Progressives with wire cutters, but that's just speculation) has noted that some people should just shut up for fear of sounding ignorant.  He suggests "El Presidente de Mexico" should "no habla"...

Bobbelvedere at TCOTS has his typically excellent logic in full effect: 
Have you, Barack Hussein Obama, READ THE ARIZONA LAW?   
Sadly, I fear it a rhetorical question...

Another Black Conservative also offers his spot-on assessment of this ideological cesspool...

First, we have a president who is deliberately stirring the racial pot for political gain. Anyone who is willing to take 10 minutes to actually read Arizona’s law, will immediately see that there is no racial profiling or possibility for it to happen.
Second, we have the Mexican president, who does little next to nothing to combat illegal immigration from his side of the border, standing on our soil and treating us like the bad guys. To add insult to injury, Mexico’s immigration laws are 100 times more draconian than anything found in America. Despite these facts, not a single official from this farce of an administration even calls Calderon out on his blatant hypocrisy.
Finally, despite the high level of hypocrisy from Calderon, our own president who is suppose to have our backs, is out there joining in on the bashfest with Calderon. There was a time here in America when Obama’s actions would have deservedly earned him the title “traitor”.

So let's checklist shall we?  
Obama? Check   
Racism? Check 
Hypocrisy? Check 
Traitor? Check!

There you have it - another typical day in the Obama regime.  

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