Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Westboro Baptist Church Scumbags To Desecrate A Hero's Funeral in LA., and Dio's Funeral in L.A.

Thank you to Pat in Shreveport, Red @ Caught Him With A Corndog and bobbeledere for also covering this.

It has been reported, and I have confirmed on Westboro Baptist's website, plans to demonstrate at Ronnie James Dio's funeral this Sunday in Los Angeles.  What scumbags.

Westboro Baptist demonstrators are scheduled to attend from 12:00 noon to 2:00 pm on May 30th, which exactly coincides with the memorial ceremony planned for Dio.  There is a long hate-filled diatribe on Westboro Baptist's site which I refuse to reprint or link, but if you are so inclined can confirm at your leisure.  I have an unconfirmed report that a different type of motorcycle mounted "Angel" with no affiliation to PGR may meet Westboro azzholes at Forest Lawn to ensure Dio's memorial remains undisturbed.  Personally, I hope it's true.  Those "Angels" don't give a damn about Westboro's right to public gathering.

Those of you who know me are aware of my involvement and support of Patriot Guard Riders.  I would typically send you to their website, but by some stroke of coincidence, their site came under attack at the same time Westboro's memorial Day weekend protest schedule was posted to their website.  Beside protesting at the funerals of SPC Joshua Tomlinson in Minden, LA. (PGR is on this one, I understand) and Ronnie James Dio in Los Angeles, Westboro will also be doing multiple protests at Arlington National Cemetery, Ft. Leavenworth National Cemetery in KS., Boston and Lexington, MA. and in Portland, OR.

For the record, I hate this group with every fiber of my existence. They are not a true church, they have no affiliation or sanction from any legitimate Baptist Convention. WBC is in fact a group of  Liberal ex-Civil Rights Lawyers who figured out how to exploit loopholes in religious freedom acts to spew their hateful rhetoric.  The Christian in me says to take comfort they will indeed rot in Hell.  The soldier and biker in me wants to kneecap them all.