Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Al and Tipper Gore Separate - The Rest Of The Story...

I'm making my predictions on just how this will turn out over the next few months.  Mark your calenders folks, remember you saw it here first!

Peering into the future I see:

Tipper Gore coming out as a closet Tea Party Conservative who develops a webpage called “Right On The Tipper”.   She claims to be the one who gave the idea to Arianna.  This occurs shortly after a scientist from Anglican University outs ALGORE as a "climosexual" – who is only able to experience arousal with another male member (!) of the Climategate community.  This previously unknown consort of ALGORE states in his press release:

“…The hockey stick was always a scientific fact, inasmuch as it represents the personal profile of ALGORE when aroused by another man, or a new government grant boosting his checking account…

And in a related story, we learn that Tipper Gore actually is secretly in love with Rush Limbaugh, and in fact has a marital aide shaped exactly like the "Golden EIB microphone".

It's a gift I have folks - one granted me by my long time mentor, Karnac the Magnificent...

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