Monday, June 14, 2010

Down goes Ethridge! Down goes Ethridge! [In a perfect world, that would be my title.]

have a rule in life (just now adopted) that if ever given an opportunity to legally punch a U.S. Congressman in the mouth, I will jump at it and suffer the consequences later.

See Youtube videos “Congressman Bob Ethridge (D-NC) Assaults Student on Washington Sidewalk.” By the way, he did not “assault” the student, he committed a battery on him. I know, the lay person understanding is that he assaulted the student. We use the phrase “assault and battery” to mean the same thing. But an assault is to put the person in imminent fear of being harmed, while a battery is any unauthorized touching of another person. To pull your arm back with cocked fist and threaten to punch someone is an assault. To actually hit them is a battery.

It is unlawful to intentionally touch another person without a lawful excuse. The student had the right while the Congressman held his hand, and later held him behind his head, to defend himself. I don’t blame the kid for not punching the Congressman–I would not have done so either when I was that age. But by God, if it happens after today I sure as hell hope that I will. If that imperial sounding attitude does not make your blood boil when he says “Who are you?” then you have some serious issues that need to be dealt with.

Who are you?!! Bap. Youtube video should instead be titled “Congressman decked with stiff straight overhand left to his jaw.” Millions would now be cheering, and also likely scrambling to raise money for the student’s defense fund.

John Doe

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