Thursday, June 3, 2010

Emergency Rule 5 Thursday - TCOTS Assist Edition

Once again this week, Bobbelvedere has be cited by The TCOTS Rule 5 Compliance Committee for failure to meet his Hump-day deadline for TCOTS Rule 5 submission.  In his defense, Bob stated that "The cat ate the Rule 5"; which he later changed to "The cat wouldn't take its pill".

Don't be surprised if later today, it's revealed that Bill Clinton was actually dispatched to meet Bob and shake him down for his Rule 5 submission...

We are Viewed From The Right have man-love for Bob and want to help by offering TCOTS readers some emergency Rule 5 to keep them covered until Bob can get his submission from the kittens gullet.  So with no further delay...

BTW, if any of you love cute Russian Tennis stars - don't miss the Lake Havasu pic at the bottom - it's a keeper!

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  1. You're a pal - thanks.

    The last one is the best, tovarich.

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