Friday, June 11, 2010

Mean Alvin Greene - UPDATED WITH LINKS

Perspective here.

So in reviewing the events surrounding Alvin Greene's meteoric rise to political stardom, a few things came to mind - with more than a few questions left unanswered.  Being the unabashedly opinionated person I am, I'd like to offer my simple thoughts on the South Carolina Democratic hopeful.

Obvious question #1:  Was Alvin Greene a plant by the GOP or Conservatives?  My thought?  Yes! IMHO someone is responsible for his candidacy other than just himself.

Let's be brutally honest, it only takes a few seconds to tell Mr. Greene is not "the sharpest tool in the shed."  Someone recruited him (with or without knowledge of upcoming charges I couldn't say, but I'd flip a coin), paid his filing fees and perhaps some petty cash for advertising, food, clean underwear, gas for the sporting 2003 automobile he drives and other assorted expenses. I am guessing he also received some political guidance in the form of talking points sheets, and/or a couple loose scripts - at minimum.

Obvious question #2:  How did Alvin Greene get elected in the primary?   My thought?  Simple!  Greene was chosen because:
  1. He is black;
  2. He's anyone other than
  3. His name was alphabetically at the top of the ballot list; and of course
  4. Did I mention he is black?    
Obvious question #3:  Assuming the above to be true, did/does Mr. Greene know he was being played?  My thought?  I cannot say, but in all interviews I've seen Greene appears to be sincere - as if he was in this to (at least in his mind's eye) compete and win.

Of course, I'm remiss if I do not again point out the depth of Mr. Greene's mind appear to be relatively shallow.

Alvin Greene has a couple things working in his favor however, and I am enjoying watching both facets in play.  Mr. Greene says very little - and what he says is both superficial and ambiguous.  As such, Greene's penchant for saying little or nothing has two desirable additional effects:

  1. Saying nothing drives the MSM (and by association, the Dem political machine) absolutely bonkers. MSM journalists are like rats with digital recorders - they scour every inch of the scenery to find something - anything - to make copy. When Mr. Greene gives them nothing it drives them to madness. 
  2. Secondly, Dems are having kittens over the guy.  Just the elevated blood pressure Greene is giving James Clyburn is worth the price of admission.  Someone is just begging for this guy to say something they can pounce on.  Which leads us to...
  3. By saying little, he has fewer distinct opportunities to stick his proverbial foot in his mouth (See Rand Paul). Whether by design or because limited cerebral resource, Greene's K.I.S.S. plan is working in his favor.
  4. Which in turn feeds the viscous circle back to point #1.  

So, in review, do I believe there's more to Alvin Greene's candidacy than meets the eye?
Oh yeah.

Do I believe it is the result of some political chicanery?
Oh yeah!

Do I believe that getting a black, unemployed 40-something who lives with his mother and being charged with a felony sexual crime the best political stroke of genius in recent years?


Now let me finish with a proviso and some humanitarian commentary.

First, if you believe my commentary to be racist, you're dead wrong. I don't have a racist bone in my body, and the commentary is accurate from what I can see.  Turn the tables and hypothetically make Mr. Greene a white man getting the nod in a city such as Detroit and the same story would be written.  Fact is fact, and I'm just calling it as I see it.

Second, I have some empathy for Alvin Greene. I am betting that Dems will go to great lengths to expose any and all dirty laundry the man has.  Someone right now is waiting on FOI requests for his school transcripts, military service records and any previous criminal records.  They already have his bank records (balance at present: $114.00). I'm confident markers will be called in to extort Mr. Greene in some fashion - such as either a dismissal of charges (if he plays ball) or a maximum sentence if found guilty (if he does not). Dems will continue to pressure him for a resignation using both the carrot and the stick.  Hell, maybe there's a job waiting for him in Washington too!

But at the end of the day, I fear (without regard to his mode of entry into the South Carolina political theater) Alvin Greene will likely be relegated to but a pawn in a larger game.

And we all know pawns are usually sacrificed without thinking twice.


Update:  As I suspected, the Blogosphere is aflutter with all kinds of opinion regarding Alvin Greene.  Please check these friends and fellow Right-Wing Conspirators out there.  I will add 'em as I see 'em (behind in reading today I am).

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  1. Awesome analysis - linky love at LCR too....

  2. Heck, he sounds just as qualified, if not more so because he keeps his mouth shut, as Obama.

  3. Outstanding commentary,simply Outstanding. Pawn indeed.