Thursday, June 10, 2010

More Emergency Rule 5 - Toni Braxton

In the spirit of supplying a necessary service to my fellow bloggers, I have chosen to once again assist my friend  Bob Belvedere (who is working on a especially important project I fully support) by providing TCOTS readers (as well as my own) some quality Rule 5 for mid-week consumption.

I've been thinking of doing a recurring series on beautiful women in music, and this was to be my first installment. So to assist your middle-of-the-week Rule 5 Jones, I offer you the beautiful and talented Toni Braxton.  I hope you enjoy these, in the spirit of Little Miss Atilla's celebration of the mammalian protuberance (because God knows, the Libs are paying attention to Sarahs...).

Please also review the fine Lynyrd Skynyrd clip at the end of the post - double word points for the first to comment why it's there (yes, there is correlation).

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