Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Obamassiah "Defaced"

H/t Drudge Report. So I went to see what the fuss was about, and below is a picture from the New York Daily News. (My cousin in law was the Editor there for a short while.)

I see the picture and think to myself, "So what? Why is this "news"?" Then I click on a poll at the site which asked:

Obama Defaced

Was this simply a political statement, or a case of racism against the President?

I took the poll and was astounded by the results. I thought it would be a bunch of liberal New Yorker's. Though I realize the results might be skewed by the link from Drudge, nevertheless the polling numbers warmed my heart!

Still, it is pretty damn sad that the "reporter" even bothered to write the silly article, and that the Editor unwisely chose to publish it.

Eat dirt and die you liberal sucking pigs. To "deface" der Fuehrer's photo is not "racist," it is one of the highest forms of political dissent, not to mention evidence of good sense and sound judgment!

John "Defacer" Doe (cross-posted @ Smash Mouth)

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