Thursday, June 3, 2010

Occasionally, One Forgets...

... what it means to serve with honor, to sacrifice for the greater good.  To serve, defend and protect without hesitation.  I never do - my curse as a Soldier.  But a post a Hot Air today reminds me to remind you - service with honor is what we should be all about.

And its a damn shame too many of our elected leaders didn't get that memo.  Ans thank you again to GWB - inasmuch as there are things you did Sir which lowered my opinion of your Presidency, you did do a good job in ordering water-boarding, and other measures which kept this country safe for 7 years. The JackHole in Command currently has no such strength....


  1. It takes rough men to defend our way of life.

  2. Rick:

    It does. And thank God they are on our side.