Friday, July 9, 2010

LeBron James

Had almost 8 million reasons to take the job in Miami. Florida has no state income taxes. Ohio taxes income above $200,000 at 6.24%. On his $99 million contract, that is a savings of about $6 million. Sure, that might be spare change to him, but I'd be his personal servant for the next 30 years if he would give that savings to me!

John Doe

p.s. Regarding the announcement? What Lipton said. I was embarrassed for the guy, and for ESPN which played that crap for hours. We turned down the volume and listened to country music while playing poker after about 10 minutes. One of the pre-announcement questions stunned us all: "Are you still a nail biter?" That passes as journalism now!?


  1. John,

    Good post! As I said to CJ over at The Illustrated Conservative regarding the huge paydays for LeBron James and Avatar's James Cameron:

    "Aside from the huge ego-fest that accompanied this event (let’s face it, one does not become an NBA luminary by not being an A-type personality), it matters not one whit who made what. Both LeBron James and James Cameron took the risks and deserve the payday they earned.

    I cannot stand James LeBron — more specifically, the hoopla surrounding him — but the guy wanted a championship, was rolling snake-eyes in Cleveland, and sought the better talent to make it happen in another city.

    These two — James and James — will do something that the idiots in the gummint cannot seem to do: they will create jobs from in the industry that support their efforts..

    ..and none of this “saved or created” crap either."

    ..what the market will bear, baby, what the market will bear.

  2. I'll take college basketball any day over the pros. L. James is a good player, but he doesn't hold a candle to the likes of Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell, or Kareem Abdul Jabber. These Men not only stayed in college and won national titles for their schools, but also went on to win numerous championships for their professional teams. And they did it without the over-inflated salaries even mediocre athletes garner these days.

    IMHO...YMMV...regards, Mike aka thatmrgguy