Friday, July 16, 2010

Lipton T. Bagg Heads To Gulf Coast, Leaves Left Coast Resistance!


I hereby, and with great regret, submit my resignation from the Left Coast Resistance, effective 01 August, 2010.  I have accepted a position in the Gulf Coast area, so I will be able to witness and report first-hand on the effects of the BP oil contamination and government (mis)handling thereof.

As a lifelong left coast resident (military service notwithstanding) I have witnessed the highs and lows of life in what I consider the most beautiful state in America, California.  It saddens me to see what she has become in the hands of incompetent Liberals and to a lesser degree, RINOs. However, I am leaving her in the most capable of hands...

Our vaunted Left Coast resistance team is strong, vibrant and carrying the truth to the people. With the help of The War Planner, Little Miss Attila, Opus #6 @ MAinfo, Tim @ Left Coast Rebel, Odie @ The Woodsterman, Clifton@ Another Black Conservative, Lilac Sunday and the many others not listed, I have no doubt California CAN again be the shining star she once was.

Please don't forget our community based teams such as SJC Americans!  The Browns and their team in southern Orange County, CA.are fighting hard to keep their community safe and right-minded.  They are a great example to everyone who laments "we can't make a difference"; and SJC Americans is an excellent template for community based activism everywhere.  Remember:


My blog will NOT be going away, but you will see a change in focus after I settle in next month.  I will be blogging more on regional issues, Marco Rubio's candidacy (very likely working with his campaign) to go along with national issues.  I will also continue writing at Smash Mouth Politics with my good friend John Doe (aka Hard Right Rudders on this site).  My heart remains in California, and I will continue to support our Left Coast Resistance from afar.

With kind regards and gratitude to all,
Lipton T. Bagg

ps:  TIm, I'd enjoy meeting you and Bill in Oceanside tomorrow, if you can send details!


  1. Ladies and Gentlemen,

    This is a royal piss-off ~~ but wholly understandable! Just when I locate a compatriot, spinner-of-yarns, and person to guide me through the mysteries of Single Malt Scotch, he goes capitalist on me and actually insists on working for a living instead of raking in government handouts and stipends.

    Seriously, I shall be looking forward to his "Dispatches from the Front" series. From what I understand, these should be entertaining -- especially since a lot of his *ahem* professional training in in the area of clandestine activities and, if anyone can circumvent the media blackout that Obama had imposed on that area, it would be L.T.B.

    (Lip, an e-mail with the liaison parameters follows.)

  2. Godspeed, Lipton.

    I wish you were moving to the Nor'East as we could use a gentleman of your 'talents' to man the ramparts here.

  3. Just think LTB, you'll be that much closer to John Doe and myself. ;)

    Also, in Nov., for about a month and a half, I'll be in Fla. doing my Christmas tree thing. Perhaps we can meet up.

    Good luck on the move, Mike

  4. Why you dirty guy you. You are leaving before I get down there to meet you. Well good luck to you. I'll get in touch, via TWP, about your banner.

  5. Odie:

    You can email me anytime at


  6. TMG:

    That fact has not escaped me. At least we would have a lawyer to defend us after we burned the unfortunate establishment of of choosing down...

    Well, we'd have representation after John woke up, anyway.


  7. Good luck Lipton! I too am "deployed" in the Gulf region, albeit the Texas/Louisiana area. I see you are a man that goes from one extreme to another, as in west to east coasts. Perhaps our paths will cross in your travels down here. I would look forward to it.

  8. I don't blame you in the least....looking forward to our meetup this evening....

  9. Lipton! I hope your move turns out well for you. The Cali residents you listed are the best on the internet.

    You will have great new things to write about, and it's wonderful we'll hear the truth from you. Be careful out there, lots of stuff they aren't telling us, and they don't want ppl to know.
    Good Luck!

  10. I wish you the very best in your new adventures, even though California can ill afford to lose a single patriot. I look forward to reading your dispatches from the East.