Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Welcome To Obama's "Post-Racial" America

Racism is the belief that race is a primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race. As a practice, it means the same thing as racial discrimination. In the case of institutional racism, certain racial groups may be denied rights or benefits, or receive preferential treatment. -(Wikipedia)

Let's also lay a few facts out: I am a white male of European descent. I am the patriarch of a mixed-race family, one I am deeply proud of. Our multi-ethnic children are God's greatest gift; individually and collectively some of the finest men and women I've ever known. This family is racially aware, and has seen racism first hand - but there is not a racist bone in their, nor my, body. There is no factual assertion to dispute this.

Which is why I can state with great condifence that as with most things Obama, America has been lied to about the so-called "post-racial America". Today, race relations in the United States are on their heels, and in danger of staggering backwards. Behold, if you dare, recent evidence offered to the jury:

"The NAACP as early as Tuesday could take up language to "repudiate the racism of the Tea Parties" and stand against the movement's attempt to "push our country back to the pre-civil rights era."" (Reuters)


"The Rev. Jesse Jackson... said billionaire sports franchise owner Dan Gilbert was treating mere multi-multimillionaire LeBron James like “a runaway slave.”" (AP)

"In the year since President Obama smashed barriers to become the country's first black president, his tenure at the top has been punctuated by racial taunts and innuendos that have slyly, or sometimes blatantly, been circulated on the Internet, in e-mails and cartoons." (ABC News)

"When a radical fringe element of demonstrators and others begin to attack the president of the United States as an animal or as a reincarnation of Adolf Hitler or when they wave signs in the air that said we should have buried Obama with Kennedy, those kinds of things are beyond the bounds," (Jimmy Carter)

“We think all of it is!” exclaimed Gwen Dawkins, a Democratic activist from Michigan and retired state employee when asked to what degree the fervent opposition to Obama was driven by his skin color. (via Politico) 

And of course, this gem....

And this list can go on, and on, and on.  So let's get some things straight, shall we?

Item #1: Conservatives and Tea Party participants challenge Obama because of his policies and rhetoric, not his race.
As previously stated, it is standard Liberal operating procedure to fight fact with hate and disdain. Thus race becomes an oft-used weapon.

Item #2: Liberals, and their conjoined twin, the MSM is PRIMARILY responsible for the increased racial rhetoric in America today.

This is simply because Liberals by nature, when confronted with truth they cannot overcome, turned to lies, deceit guilt and hate to pummel the listener into submission. Obama is their anointed Liberal Demagogue, therefore cannot be wrong-minded in policy, rhetoric or implementation (or lack thereof). Without a factual counter-argument, the machine resorts to hated. Ergo, if you disagree with Obama, it's because of the color of his skin. The MSM look for race angles in every story (even when none exist) because it's "Dirty Laundry".

Item #3: Racism indeed exists, and not necessarily where Liberals tell you it does.
Let's be clear on this as well - The Tea Party Movement IS NOT RACIST. However, there are racists who associate themselves with the Tea Party movement. These facts are not interchangeable, nor does one correlate the other. If some Martians are green, and I see a Martian in New York, this does not mean all Martians, or all New Yorkers, are green. Simple algebra.

Tea Party leaders must root out and dismiss these racist and supremacist influences; they muddy the waters and dilute the good message. However, there are racists in all political parties, and all ethnic groups. Written examples you ask for?

From the blog Latino Insurgent: "For the uninitiated it may come as a surprise that there is a great amount of racism within the Hispanic community. Not only does it exist, it is rampant, blatant, and without shame. Hispanics are the last bastion of pure unadulterated racism and it is high time we were called out about it."

From San Francisco Chronicle, via UC Davis: "It is no secret that many Asian immigrants harbor racist attitudes toward African Americans and Latinos. What is less noticed is that Asian American community activists are ignoring the problem, doing nothing proactive to deal with immigrant racial intolerance."

King Samir Shabazz (New Black Panthers) during a 2009 National Geographic documentary interview: "You want freedom? You're gonna have to kill some crackers! You're gonna have to kill some of their babies!"

From David Horowitz's article: Black Racism: The Hate Crime That Dare Not Speaks it's Name:
"...While the federal government rushes to Los Angeles to investigate an incident in which a handcuffed youth was slammed into the hood of a car and punched by an officer, a pall of silence still blankets the horrendous racial murder of four young people whose murderers are now on trial. The difference in the responses to these two stories can hardly be attributed to anything other than the skin color of the perpetrators and the victims involved. Apparently the sexual torture and brutal executions of four promising youngsters is of no interest to the nation's moral guardians, because the victims happen to be white."

Michael Myers, New York Civil Right Coalition - At the Million Man March!: "... we should not have unity around a demagogue. The demagogue's tactic, the demagogue's role is to reduce complexities to the lowest, most simplistic agenda. That's what Farrakhan does, and he--he takes the marginalization of blacks, the ghettoization of blacks and he knows that blacks are angry about that and frustrated and despair as--in terms of being disproportionately unemployed, disproportionately undereducated, that the family make-up is in some ways dysfunctional because of ghettoization. Does he want to break up the ghettos? No. He wants ghettos, because it serves his agenda. It serves his, his purpose. And his purpose is to have a black nation within the nation. When they talk about community, they're talking about a racial community. They're talking about no racial mixing. That is Farrakhan's agenda. That is his religion.

Question: Does anyone see the common thread here? If not allow me to fill in the blanks:

Item #4: As an Institution, Racism is perpetrated by traditional Liberal/Progressive groups for the benefit of their own agendas.
This is not to say racism is unique to The Left, but I know of no legitimate Conservative institution which thrives on or propagates racist agenda as those on The Left do. Witness NAACP, MALDEF, La Raza, United Negro College Fund (when did you last hear of the "United Caucasian College Fund"?), AAA Fund, ACORN (and it's bastard children), SI, SPA and so on.

Any similar organization supporting Conservative ideology would be on Eric Holder's hit list in hours, if not minutes.

I have been on record since Obama's coronation election that I take pride in America electing a candidate who was not of European (white) descent. It was a seminal event and SHOULD HAVE had the power to begin closing the book on racism as an institution. It has in fact had the opposite effect, keeping racism alive in well in the bosom of those so long afflicted by it.

There are those whose forefathers once suffered under the whip who now yearn to grasp that same whip, and in sanctimonious fashion cast it down upon others. They have not yet grasped, or in some cases utterly reject, the reality that ALL racism is wrong.

I find ethnic communities willing co-conspirators in the perpetration of this crime. In the same vein as I blast religious leaders in the Islam Middle East for not doing more to denounce radicalism, there is a "roaring silence" amongst the true (red: not self-appointed) leaders within ethnic communities for not being more vocal about the crime of racism displayed daily by those such as Louis Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Jeremiah Wright, et. al.

And while on the subject of Islam, I would be remiss in not pointing out that Farrakhan, as national representative of The Nation Of Islam, is a true double-edged sword: A perpetrator of racism, and ostensibly, a perpetrator of acts against "Infidels." He is after all, the 1996 recipient of the Al-Gaddafi International Prize for Human Rights founded by Libya's de facto leader Muammar al-Gaddafi. That's quite an endorsement. Radical Islam is radical Islam, skin color irrespective.

Anyone who has read my musings over the years knows I am quite consistent on the issue of race: Racism is intolerable and an affront to all in society. That race is now used as a political marker is unconscionable. It continues to sadden me that beginning at the highest level of leadership in the United States, the ethnicity of a man or woman is considered suitable replacement for fact and logic within political discourse. This is of course because in politics all that matters is power and control. The human condition is only relevant when it comes to gathering enough votes to stay in office. This is also the basis for Obama's push for "Comprehensive Immigration Reform"; code for "permanent underclass" and "dependable Democratic voting block".

Item #5: "Equal Opportunity" is another word for racism. 
Denial of benefit or preferential offer of benefit because of color is (fill in the blank). Does not matter what color(s) are preferred, racism is racism. And "reverse racism" does not exist - it's all simply racism.

Item #6: We, the People - All Of Us - Are The Key To A Genuinely Post-Racial America.
Perhaps a good first step is to reduce the country's taste for racial politics. I believe it's long past time to retire so-called "civil rights leaders", which are in fact more like brokers of hatred to the highest bidder. We need a true leader in this country who will not be thin-skinned and fork-tongued on the issue of race. It need not be a (wo)man of color, but it needs to be someone of great fortitude and conviction. We have not have such a leader at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for some time. 

But most of all, we as the voting public need to profoundly reject racial politics. Use you votes to reject those who practice race-baiting. Embrace the rule of law within our society. Start demanding competence and moral courage in our elected officials - or vote them out. We the people DO have the power, we simply must find the courage to use it wisely.

Item #7: MSM: Police Thyself, Or Face Extinction. 
The MSM need police itself, and if that not be possible (nor likely -ED) the general public needs to police them with their wallets. As long as sensationalism sells, someone will peddle the drug. The MSM has graduated from "reporting the story" to "becoming the story." More so than reporting facts, todays media wants to be the force to shape news and define reality on its own terms. It's time to hold them accountable, or help speed them toward becoming fossils.

I wish I had a realistic answer to the problem of racism in America. The symptoms are so evident, the solution so elusive. This country I so love continues to suffer self-inflicted wounds as she moves toward racial parity. Witness the progress of former slave states such as Brazil, where the road to desegregation was longer, but less eventful. We should embrace the positives in society, and reject those who wish to perpetrate the lie. We as a people did a great thing electing the first person of color to the White House. The people simply made a poor choice in who that particular person was - based on his true beliefs.

I know much of this is idealistic, but as a wise man once said, "I have a dream...."

Your thoughts and comments are appreciated.



  1. Well written commentary on the subject of race and racism LTB.

    I've said for a long time that people like Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson are a detriment to the people they're supposedly helping. They're in it for the money and power. Off the top of my head, I can't think of one instance where the afore mentioned Black "leaders" have ever helped their constituents. All they've ever preached is hate and lets see what we can extort from "Whitey" this time.

    Regards, Mike

  2. Well done, LTB. Sad that it even has to be written.

    Awarded the THE SPOT-ON QUOTE OF THE DAY at:
    The Camp Of The Saints

  3. >I wish I had a realistic answer to the problem of racism in America.

    Unfortunately, I think that the accusations of racism, race-baiting, and the knee-jerk playing of the race card will get worse before they get better. Those engaged in manufacturing racism are desperate, so they have to pump up the emotion.

    One of the most dangerous elements is that those accusations, the race-baiting, the race card, as well as racist practices such as Affirmative Action, are likely to push more people toward actually being racists. Basically, the more a non-black person suffers because of preferential treatment given to a black person (Affirmative Action, for example), and the more the innocent non-black person is portrayed as a villain (distorted news coverage, revisionist history, etc.), the more likely that the non-black person will develop animosity toward black people in general.

    It's possible that that's what the race-baiters want. Without at least the illusion of racism, they're out of a job.

  4. Bastiatarian:

    There are two separate and distinct issues here:

    First is actual racism, which I believe is improving and will continue to wane in time.

    Second is racial rhetoric, or race-baiting if you'd prefer. This actually has little or no correlation to real racism. In some ways, it's like a conspiracy theory - inasmuch as there are elements of truth and history mixed in with fabrication and erroneous assumptions.

    This is a purely political tool, one which gives the casual observer the impression that actual racism exists. It's a religion really, or more like a cult. Seeding fear, lies and deceit to justify its existence and propagate the lie.

    See the Michael Myers (no, not the actor) quote above:

    "...Does he(Farrakhan)want to break up the ghettos? No. He wants ghettos, because it serves his agenda. It serves his, his purpose. And his purpose is to have a black nation within the nation. When they talk about community, they're talking about a racial community. They're talking about no racial mixing. That is Farrakhan's agenda. That is his religion."