Monday, August 23, 2010

Why even God hates the New York Times

A sentence from a NYT's Editorial, via NRO "The Corner:" “But many of Mr. DeLay’s actions remain legal only because lawmakers have chosen not to criminalize them.”

So it's come down to this: A House Majority Leader can be forced to resign his position and his elected office based on allegations that certain of his actions might have been criminalized but for the fact that lawmakers have chosen not to criminalize them. Yeah, and I might have been guilty of speeding if the lawmakers had chosen limit the speed at 45 instead of 55.

What comes to my mind is the immortal phrase attributed to former Labor Secretary Ray Donovan after he was acquitted after a nine month trial (I paraphrase): "Where do I go to get my reputation back?" At least back then the liberal press by and large had the decency to condemn the local prosecutor whose baseless charges forced Ray Donovan to resign his cabinet seat in the Reagan Administration. (God be praised for St. Reagan!)

Love him or hate him, "The Hammer" did not deserve to be run out of office on trumped-up charges that turned out to be nothing, zip, zero, nada. And Republicans allowed it to happen. Delay was the House Majority Leader for the Republicans at the time. The equivalent today would be if some Republican local prosecutor from Maryland indicted Steney Hoyer and he was forced to resign his seat to defend himself.

I say do it. The only thing that Democrats understand is "the Chicago Way." They indict one of yours, send three of theirs to the slammer. Don't give me this crap about turning the other cheek. That just allows Dems to sit back and pick off conservative leaders at zero risk to


And dumbass little cheerleaders in froufrou pom poms and short skirts sit behind their desks at the NY Times and cheer them on. Whoever penned this statement disgusts me (here is a link to the entire Editorial). As does the paper that allowed it to be printed.

John Doe (cross posted at Smash Mouth)

FACTUAL UPDATE: The Justice Department chose not to prosecute--after leaving Delay dangling for several years while investigating him. The local charges are still pending. So it's not over yet. But whatever the hell happened to the constitutional guarantee of a "speedy trial?"

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