Friday, September 3, 2010

A Message From Lipton T. Bagg

So, you guys thought Lipton was dead, or inconito, WRONG! Here goes:

"It's dark here. It's smelly. I feel trapped. Damn, why didn't I stay in the states?

"All my mates are fine. I'm fine. But it is dark here. And did I mention smelly?

"Yeah, I'll say it. I'm THAT guy. I'm the miner who is trapped until Christmas and his wife and his paramour just met standing outside awaiting his release."

"Please get a message to my wife: 'Honey, don't believe a word that bitch says. There is only you in my life.'"


"p.s. Please surreptitiously get a word to my bitch on the side: Mookie-Mookie, don't believe a word that the press and my soon to be ex-wife say about you or me. We belong together. You 'complete me.' I'll see you the day after Christmas. Your LTB sandwich. Your 'Candy Man.' Your Patton, your Napoleon. Hell, I'll say it, your Hannibal! XXOOXX LTB"

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