Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It's Elena!

My friend and fellow Right-Wing Conspirator John Doe asks over at Smash Mouth Politics who Elena Kagan reminds him of??  So after thinking a bit, this is what I can up with - a pretty close match!  And not coincidentally, no one knows for sure what Pat's sex is either...

So I offer (while displaying unusual deference to the Democratic Protocol Committee and its efforts to ensure none of the MSM makes reference to Ms. Kagan as a lesbian) - my suggestion.

John, your thoughts?


  1. Sweeeeeet! Her look would earn her a gender identification check if she were in the Olympics.

  2. It's her business who she's shagging, but the problem is that she's another disgruntled outsider type nominated for a powerful position FOR LIFE by Obama... when she's shown nothing if not total contempt for traditional institutions such as the military, church, and corporate America... because she detests them for "persecuting" her and other oddballs in this country.

    Doesn't Barack Obama know any normal people?