Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bill Clinton lies

The Volokh Conspiracy has some great stuff up exposing the lies that Bubba is telling about the Oklahoma City bombing.

The first lie is that Clinton blamed as the primary motive for the bombing on the "belief that the greatest threat to American freedom is our government." Timothy McVeigh went on record telling us what was his primary motive: It was payback for the government causing the deaths of so many innocent women and children at the Branch Davidian compound in Waco. And Clinton--not right-wing talk shows--was responsible for the deaths at Waco.

A Volokh Conspiracy article points out that the plan to tear gas the compound was a deliberate attempt to harm or kill 25 infants in the compound even if the compound had never caught fire. As a generally "law and order type," I'm loathe to second guess lawful acts by law enforcement that produce unforeseen bad results. But the plan to gas the compound was based upon deliberately exposing the infants to CS gas in order to force the mothers to take their children and flee the compound.

Exposure to CS gas is extremely harmful if not fatal to young children over even a few hours. In other words, the plan was to harm or kill the innocent children in order to flush out the innocent mothers. If our troops in Iraq did that they would be considered war criminals. Clinton approved the plan, Clinton was responsible, and he, not talk radio, was the motivating factor for the Oklahoma City bombing. [Go read the article.]

The second lie is the deliberate blurring of the distinction of the anti-government views held by McVeigh and equating them with the small government, libertarian views of the Tea Party Activists. Another Volokh Conspiracy article points out that Timothy McVeigh did not hold pro-small government, libertarian views. He was a devotee of "The Turner Diaries," which advocate the overthrow of the government and the institution of a Nazi-type fascist government. No one who is taken seriously by the Tea Party movement advocates a worse form of government than we already have. Tea Party advocates view fascism and socialism as being on the opposite side of the political spectrum from what they advocate: a limited, smaller government. [Go read the article!]

The truth is that Clinton was responsible for Waco, which was the cause of the Oklahoma bombing, and the Republicans nor talk radio had anything to do with it, and yet Clinton (then and now) exploits the bombing for political gain.

Back then, as Byron York points out, Clinton exploited the bombing:

...."Clinton was in deep political trouble in April 1995. Six months earlier, voters had resoundingly rejected Democrats in the 1994 mid-term elections, giving the GOP control of both House and Senate. Polls showed the public viewed Clinton as weak, incompetent and ineffective. House Speaker Newt Gingrich and his GOP forces seized the initiative on virtually every significant issue, while Clinton appeared to be politically dead. The worst moment may have come on April 18, the day before the bombing, when Clinton plaintively told reporters, "The president is still relevant here."

"And then came the explosion at the Murrah Federal Building. In addition to seeing a criminal act and human loss, Clinton and Morris saw opportunity. If the White House could tie Gingrich, congressional Republicans and conservative voices like Rush Limbaugh to the attack, then Clinton might gain the edge in the fight against the GOP." [The article goes on the show that Dick Morris concocted a plan and Clinton benefitted politically by it. Go, read his excellent article!]

And now Clinton is doing the exact same thing again, With lies, innuendo, and blurring the distinctions of what motivated McVeigh and what his views really were, he is smearing an entire movement in order to exploit the bombing for political benefit (only not him personally but rather his party).

Bill Clinton, you God damned liar. If any president should have been called a "baby killer" it was Clinton. In wars we have unfortunate collateral damage. But the children at the Waco compound were not "collateral damage" (i.e., unintentional victims), they were deliberately targeted for serious harm or death. Better get an asbestos lined suit before you die, Bubba.

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