Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tea Partiers Seek "Teachable Moment", Not Teacher's Job

Now, help me understand this:  The Tea Party faithful, those who the Fiberals always refer to as "racist, homophobic, violent, and/or stupid" have this guy in Oregon by the "short hairs".  He set up a website, threatened to disrupt their protests, infiltrate and discredit their members, AND steal their personal information to disrupt their lives and all their want is a "teachable moment"?  They don't even want the guy fired?


This is no surprise to those of us in the Tea Party faithful.  For myself, I admit to full-on anger at the present state of government.  I dislike the form and fashion of government and I dislike and reject Progressivism.  It doesn't work.  It's not working now.  It will, if left unchecked, destroy the economy of the U.S. and negatively impact global economics.  I dislike any form of activism, such as what I refer to as "Fiberals" who have to spread lies and half-truths to set their agenda.  Why?  Because the policies they propose won't work, so they need in inject dear and hateful rhetoric into conversation to deflect the truth.

This guy, Jason Levin, is a Fiberal.  A liar, a cheat and a deceiver.  By all accounts, if he has brought this rhetoric into the classroom, he has also misused the trust and confidence of the children he has be charged with teaching - as well as their parents.  But...

As reported by Fox News,  the Oregon Tea Party is NOT calling for this guys head.  They want a deserved apology.  They want the school district employing him to apologize.  They want measures to prevent this from happening again on school district time and equipment.  But they are not asking for termination.  They instead are taking the high ground - walking the walk Tea Partiers everywhere are walking. Talking the talk Tea Partiers everywhere are asking our elected officials to listen to.

Doesn't sound hateful to me.  Nor ignorant.  Nor violent.  In fact, it sounds like the Tea Party I know, respect and fight for.

Good for them.

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