Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Michelle Malkin For President!

Hear me out. She’s beautiful, articulate, and incredibly smart. She’s fearless, and she fights. She is absolutely spot on every issue upon which I have ever heard or read her views. She does not have the personal baggage of a Rush Limbaugh. She has a “non-stop motor” (a little NFL lingo).

As a public speaker, she makes Obama look like the juvenile teleprompter-breath that he is. Her grasp of the issues makes Sarah Palin look like the back-woods hick that she is. Stupid liberals despise her. Wise men adore her. The chauvinist pig in me wishes she was all this perfect package in a man’s body. Alas, eventually this country will elect a female president. It might as well be a beautiful, intelligent, articulate, wonderful conservative chick who is first, instead of some ugly ass shrill ultra-liberal wench.

Michelle won’t run you say? Okay. How about Liz Cheney?

By John Doe

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  1. I was just thinking this myself! She seems to have all the right stuff to be an effective leader.