Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The people of Arizona are being vilified for protecting themselves

Leo W. Banks at "The American Thinker" (h/t Doug Ross) makes some excellent points about the new law in Az which makes it a crime to be in the state illegally. I am not sure what his source is but he writes that "an estimated 500,000 illegal aliens live in Arizona."

If they were all hard-working immigrants, that would not be as much of a problem. But drug dealers have taken over the illegal routes into the country. Would be immigrants have to pay a bribe of roughly $2,500 to get through, which most do not have, or they have to carry drugs for the drug gangs. Arizona has become the new wild west, against the will of the people. And race-baiters such as Obama and Sharpton are vilifying them for fighting back.

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  1. UPDATE: [Since I don't know how to edit my article.] I can think of only three reasons why Republicans would oppose a crack-down on illegal aliens. Fear of loss of political clout, fear of being demonized as racists by the left, and fear of the loss of cheap, exploitable laborers.

    Many otherwise decent Republicans fear driving Hispanics permanently into the arms of the Democrats, where they vote in mindless lock-step with the blacks, felons, and queers. That could happen, if Republicans don't continually counter the slanders of racism by the Democrats.

    Some spineless Republicans rightly fear being demonized as racists. Well, of course they are going to be called racists--it comes with the territory when you oppose the left.

    And some despicable Republicans oppose illegal immigrants because they enjoy using and abusing them as cheap labor.

    One aspect of allowing illegal immigrants into this country that is ignored by so-called caring liberals is that illegals are taken advantage of and used and abused in our country. They are forced to work longer hours, to work harder, to do dirtier jobs, for less money, than legal residents. I've been to a mushroom farm in Michigan where the workers (Vietnamese) couldn't speak English and all lived in terrible conditions (this was years ago). I saw the conditions that migrant workers lived in down in Florida.

    I do not blame anybody for wanting to come to America. I do not want any rejected because of their race (although I would be willing to reject anybody based upon their political philosophy). I blame the Federal Government for failing to secure our borders. And I blame the Democrats for making it a political issue.