Thursday, April 1, 2010

Rule 5 with Beer - Malay Style!

"So, Kartika, whacha doing?"
"Drinking a beer, getting caned..."
"true, true..."

Ladies and gentlemen allow me to introduce Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno, 33 from Malaysia.  She is the newly single mother of 2 and part-time model who was sentenced to 6 lashes with a rutan cane for drinking a beer in a hotel lobby. It's pure irony this picture has her on the phone with a beer bottle in hand...

Liberals, take note - THIS is where your policies are leading us.  The dumb-ass social engineering you propose to execute with health care, dietary control and forced behavior modification you propose will lead to nowhere but down the slippery slope to this type of foolishness. Soon, you will be suspending kids from school for contraband Kool-Aid boxes.  Arresting parents for possession of Fiddle-Faddle and, well, corporal punishment for Coke or Pepsi??!.  Maybe life in prison for ordering the super-sized "Six-Dollar Burger" meal?  Hell, you already propose to fine us for not buying your stupid-ass government insurance, why not take the next step!

I personally offered to substitute Nancy Pelosi to receive the caning, but since Kartika's sentence has been changed to community service, I had to retract that offer.  Pelosi has never positively served a community in her life - unless it was her own neighborhood.

So, for your Rule 5 enjoyment...

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  1. I'd like to give her some lashes. Bad girl. VERY BAD! ;)